Wobblebug Wobpaper
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For members who join the Wobbleverse by minting or acquiring a MegaWob NFT, there will be a multitude of utility awarded to holders. Holders will be able to stake their MegaWob, earn $WOB, prove their token ownership, and participate in the Wobbleverse ecosystem in the following ways:
The Wobbleverse. Connect your wallet and spend $WOB to take advantage of holder utility

Exclusive Wobbleverse Merch

Wobblebug holders will have immediate access to Wobbleverse Merch purchasable with $WOB only. Wobbleverse merch will be purchasable on the "Wobmart" after staking or acquiring enough tokens.
Sample Wobbleverse Hoodie Front
Sample Wobbleverse Hoodie Back

Wobblesynth Loot Boxes

Holders will be able to purchase a royalty-free randomized sample pack called "Wobblesynth" created by Wobblebug for use in music creation with the $WOB they earn from staking. Holders that create music using samples from the Wobblesynth will have special access to potentially release music through "WobbleLabs", the Web3 music label surrounding Wobblebug.

Wobble Utility Music NFTs (WUM NFTs)

Wobblebug will be releasing his first album on-chain one song at a time over a set period as special utility-focused music NFTs that community members will collect. The album will have a total of 20 songs. When a community member collects two of the music NFTs, they will be able to burn them in exchange for a 3D BabyWob which will multiply their $WOB staking rewards by 1.5x.*
*This multiplier is subject to changed prior to the release of WUM NFTs

3D BabyWobs

3D BabyWobs can be minted by collecting two Wobblebug music NFTs and spending a set amount of $WOB. 3D BabyWobs supercharge your staking potential. By staking your BabyWob alongside your MegaWob you will 1.5x your staking emissions. If you hold a staked MegaWob and a BabyWob you will also get a free airdrop of "Wobbledrugs," the top-secret utility NFT that will be revealed in the near future.
3D BabyWobs

Community Music and Art Contests

MegaWob holders will participate in the career of Wobblebug and have opportunities to earn prizes from their work. As noted above, the first Wobblebug album will be comprised of 20 songs and minted as music NFTs. 10 of those will be Wobblebug originals, and 10 will be community-created remixes with community-generated fan art. Each time a song is released by Wobblebug, we will hold a remix contest and fan art contest for that song. The winning remixes/fan art will be on Wobblebug’s debut album and the musician/artist will take home 100% of the royalties for sales of those music NFTs as well as an upfront $SOL reward for each winner.


Wobbledrugs are the top-secret utility NFTs that will allow you to supercharge your MegaWob in ways yet to be revealed in the future.

WobbleLabs: The Premier Web3 Music Label

Wobblelabs will be the premier Web3 native music label. No longer will musicians that join Wobblelabs have to rely on lengthy contract negotiations to determine royalty splits. Wobblelabs plans to reward musicians directly for their contributions through smart contracts.

IRL and Metaverse Wobblebug Events and Partnerships

Wobblebug is known to host the most badass parties in the universe and metaverse. Our team is uniquely positioned to plan and execute major events for the Wobblebug community as members in our music team own event companies, manage major talent, and have thrown some of the biggest and best concerts and parties the world has ever seen.
We plan to host private holder shows and meetups as well as develop partnerships with the world's most desirable brands to elevate these events. Get ready to party Wobs.
Plans laid out in The Wobpaper are subject to change.
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