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MegaWob NFTS

What are MegaWobs?

MegaWob NFTs are 3D PFP-style representations of Wobs - a species of bass-loving aliens that have come to Earth to feed on human's bass frequencies. You can learn more about who Wobblebug is and how the MegaWobs are related in the lore of the project here:
Wobblebug and the MegaWobs have their own language and often communicate in it to avoid detection by humans.
There will be a finite supply of MegaWob NFTs that will be revealed soon and they will be minted on the Solana blockchain.
Wobble Language
MegaWob NFTs

Holding a MegaWob

MegaWob NFTs provide holders access to participate in and benefit from Wobblebug’s music career in the following ways:
  1. 1.
    Community members will be able to acquire and stake their MegaWob NFTs and earn $WOB. $WOB is the utility token of the Wobblebug ecosystem. Wobblebug community holders will be able to participate in a rewards program through Wobblebug's Career.
  2. 2.
    Community members will be able to acquire Wobblebug merch, exclusive music and stems made by Wobblebug, utility NFTs which will allow you to multiply your staking rewards, tickets to live events and major festivals, loot boxes, and much more.

Why Acquire a MegaWob?

This isn’t another copy and paste stake-to-earn NFT project. $WOB is a true ecosystem and utility token for the Wobblebug community that will be used immediately after mint to obtain valuable IRL items and experiences.
In addition to earning and utilizing the $WOB utility token, when you hold a MegaWob NFT you become part of the most exclusive club of musicians and music aficionados on the blockchain. Wobblebug treats his disciples as family and rewards them like his own. Becoming a part of this club will allow you early access to shows Wobblebug performs in, potential VIP experiences at larger music events, inter-group alpha, and much more.
We have gone in-depth into our plans for MegaWob utility on the utility page of The Wobpaper.
Plans laid out in The Wobpaper are subject to change.
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